I realize that I waited way too long to follow up on my cross fit boot camp class. To be honest, as much as it kicked my ass, I didn’t get the results I was expecting or hoping to get after 6 weeks.

So I kinda didn’t feel like sharing…..

My Results:

Over all, I lost .2lbs – with that, I gained 2.5lbs of muscle and I lost 2.2lbs of fat.

Whomp Whomp.

I had a friend who asked me about my results and when she found out how bummed I was after killing myself 3x a week for 6 weeks, she said:

“Progress is still Progress”.

She was 100% right. I may have set my expectations way too high (something I seem to do in all aspects of my life) and got super let down even though I had progress!

I made a change!

So even though I didn’t lose like 6lbs of fat like I maybe wanted to, I still got off my lazy ass for 3x a week and got moving. That is progress!

It did help me to become more motivated, I will give them that. I loved the group of ladies (and gentleman) that participated along with me and the crossfit community is a very fun and encouraging one. Despite that, I chose not to continue.

I am a runner.

That is where my true passion is and always has been. It was enough to always push me and challenge me, but not to the point where I was killing myself. It’s going to be hard getting back to where I was after taking a year off from running, but I know I’ll get back to it if I continue.

You gotta start somewhere and remember:

Progress of any kind is still progress!